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BSPlayer GetFileName (C++ to Autoit)

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I need some help to convert the following C++ code to autoit:

;~ // char buf[MAX_PATH];
;~ // void *adr;
;~ //
;~ // adr=&buf;
;~ // cds.dwData=BSP_GetFileName;
;~ // cds.lpData=&adr;
;~ // cds.cbData=4;
;~ // SendMessage(bsp_hand,WM_COPYDATA,appHWND,(LPARAM)&cds);
;~ // available in BSPlayer version 0.84.484+
;~ //
;~ // appHWND is calling application window handle
;~ // File name will be copied to buf
;~ //
;~ // Get open file name
;~ #define BSP_GetFileName 0x1010B

What I got so far is:

#Include <SendMessage.au3>
$BS_FileName = BSP_GetFileName()
MsgBox(0, "BSPlayer File Name", $BS_FileName)
Func BSP_GetFileName()
     $hWndHandle = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:BSPlayer]")
     $WM_COPYDATA = 0x004A
     $BSP_GetFileName = 0x1010B
     $buf = DllStructCreate("CHAR[128]")
     $cds = DllStructCreate ("int;ptr;int")
     DllStructSetData ($cds, 1, $BSP_GetFileName)
     DllStructSetData ($cds, 2, DllStructGetPtr($buf))
     DllStructSetData ($cds, 3, 4)
     _SendMessage($hWndHandle, $WM_COPYDATA, 0, $cds)
     Return DllStructGetData($buf, 1)

but, of course, it doesn't work.

The function should return the file name currently playing in BSPlayer.

Thank You!

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I did look in help file, but i don't know what I did wrong.

If you do, please tell me!

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_SendMessage($hWndHandle, $WM_COPYDATA, 0, $cds)

_SendMessage($hWndHandle, $WM_COPYDATA, 0, DllStructGetPtr($cds))

Yes, it was a mistake, but it still doesn't work. :mellow:

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Curious, how did you come up with this struct?

$cds = DllStructCreate ("int;ptr;int")

These are backwards:

DllStructSetData ($cds, 2, DllStructGetPtr($buf))
DllStructSetData ($cds, 3, 4)

bsp_hnd is missing; no idea where/what that is.

appHwnd should be in the wparam


I'd imagine it to look more like:

Func _BSP_GetFileName()
    Local $h_bsphnd = 0 ; No idea what this is
    Local $h_wnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:BSPlayer]")
    If Not IsHWnd($h_wnd) Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0)

    Local Static $__WM_COPYDATA = 0x004A
    Local Static $BSP_GETFILENAME = 0x1010B
    Local Static $t_buff = DllStructCreate("CHAR[256]")
    Local Static $p_buff = DllStructGetPtr($t_buff)

    Local Static $tagCOPYDATASTRUCT = "ptr dwData;uint cbData;ptr lpData"
    Local Static $t_cbs = DllStructCreate($tagCOPYDATASTRUCT)
    DllStructSetData($t_cbs, "dwData", $BSP_GETFILENAME)
    DllStructSetData($t_cbs, "cbData", 4)
    DllStructSetData($t_cbs, "lpData", $p_buff)
    Local Static $p_cbs = DllStructGetPtr($cbs)

    DllCall("User32.dll", "int", "SendMessage", _
        "hwnd", $h_bsphnd, "uint", $__WM_COPYDATA, _
        "wparam", $h_wnd, "lparam", $p_cbs)
    Return DllStructGetData($t_buff, 1)

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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