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help locating and clicking a control


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hi guys, i have a problem.

i'm using sn0wbreeze from http://www.ih8sn0w.com to build a custom firmware installation file for my iPhone. the problem i have, is that instead of there being a next button in the program to move on to the next step, there's a blue arrow. the arrow is not shown as a button or any kind of object in my screen reader, so i can't interact with it.

what i need, is a way to locate the blue arrow on the screen, move the mouse to that position and click it.

i have looked at the PixelSearch function but can't figure out how to find the arrow in question.

if anyone has any idea's at all on this, i'd be greatful to here them.

Please note: If you plan on submitting any code snippits to my posts, please refrain from using the code tags as i use a screen reader and can't read the code properly, let alone copy it the way it should be.Thanks for your understanding.Best regardsXY16

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