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Windows 7 filecopy stop security prompts


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I made a script that works perfectly on windows xp although when I use it on windows 7 the script doesn't copy files properly because windows 7 security prompts popup when the script is trying to filecopy...

Is there a way to get around this?

Can someone please help!

My script is trying to copy files from external harddrive to C:\Users\Accountname\Desktop ... \Favorites ... \Documents..etc

Also I don't have this issue on my home computer but this script is meant for my company which I use at work and the computers at work are windows 7 and on a DOMAIN and the user account has administrative privileges.


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I assume you are talking about UAC.

This security feature is designed to resist automation, think about why that is. And with that in mind, search the forum with these words "Disable UAC" and you will find a solution to disable it via the registry.

Also be aware that at some point, during this process the user is going to have to physically interact in one fashion or another, with the security prompt.

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