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SciTE Extension Question

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I am looking to write a wrapper for a piece of software that I want to be able to build functionality into the SciTE enditor. What I would ultimately like to do is add a tab to the compile dialog window like the CVSwrapper extension does.

How can I add this tab to the editor?

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Ok then. How about the ability to call a LUA function with your script. For instance, this is how I call it with the "Tools" menu command interface:

# 45 RobDBG Console Only
command.45.$(au3)=InvokeTool RobAutoItTools.RobDebugConsoleWriteAdd
command.name.45.$(au3)=RobDBG - Display to Console Only

basically, i want the ability to completely extend the 'Alt+D' functionality for my own purposes, but I can seem to figure that out without using the "Tools" menu, which isn't as efficient as I would like to. Any Ideas?

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Not totally sure what you want to accomplish but you could start the described LUA script by executing the defined command.45:

Opt("WinSearchChildren", 1)
Global $WM_COPYDATA = 74
; Get SciTE DirectorHandle
$Scite_hwnd = WinGetHandle("DirectorExtension")
; Get My GUI Handle
Global $My_Hwnd = GUICreate("AutoIt3-SciTE interface")
;Register COPYDATA message.
;~ SendSciTE_Command($My_Hwnd, $Scite_hwnd, "askproperty:buffers")  ; request value
;~ SendSciTE_Command($My_Hwnd, $Scite_hwnd, "askfilename:")      ; request current buffers filename
SendSciTE_Command($My_Hwnd, $Scite_hwnd, "menucommand:1145")     ; Runs command.45
; Send command to SciTE
Func SendSciTE_Command($My_Hwnd, $Scite_hwnd, $sCmd)
Local $My_Dec_Hwnd = Dec(StringRight($My_Hwnd, 8))
$sCmd = ":" & $My_Dec_Hwnd & ":" & $sCmd
ConsoleWrite('-->' & $sCmd & @LF)
Local $CmdStruct = DllStructCreate('Char[' & StringLen($sCmd) + 1 & ']')
DllStructSetData($CmdStruct, 1, $sCmd)
Local $COPYDATA = DllStructCreate('Ptr;DWord;Ptr')
DllStructSetData($COPYDATA, 1, 1)
DllStructSetData($COPYDATA, 2, StringLen($sCmd) + 1)
DllStructSetData($COPYDATA, 3, DllStructGetPtr($CmdStruct))
DllCall('User32.dll', 'None', 'SendMessage', 'HWnd', $Scite_hwnd, _
   'Int', $WM_COPYDATA, 'HWnd', $My_Hwnd, _
   'Ptr', DllStructGetPtr($COPYDATA))
EndFunc   ;==>SendSciTE_Command
; Received Data from SciTE
Func MY_WM_COPYDATA($hWnd, $msg, $wParam, $lParam)
Local $COPYDATA = DllStructCreate('Ptr;DWord;Ptr', $lParam)
$SciTECmdLen = DllStructGetData($COPYDATA, 2)
Local $CmdStruct = DllStructCreate('Char[' & $SciTECmdLen + 1 & ']', DllStructGetData($COPYDATA, 3))
$SciTECmd = StringLeft(DllStructGetData($CmdStruct, 1), $SciTECmdLen)
ConsoleWrite('<--' & $SciTECmd & @LF)
EndFunc   ;==>MY_WM_COPYDATA

Hope that helps


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