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How do I shadow the text in the following example

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Given the code fragment below (assume all the pre-requisites are in-place), how do I shadow the text in the label?

I have searched and done some experimenting but I can't seem to get what I want, the text "Button" shadowed.

The code fragment is:

GUISetFont(16, 800, 0, "Arial")
$cLabel3 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Button", 200, 140, 220, 50)



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I found this searching my scripts with like 'shadow' :-)

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <FontConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)
Global Const $STM_SETIMAGE = 0x0172
Global Const $STM_GETIMAGE = 0x0173
Global $hForm, $Pic, $hPic, $tRECT, $Width, $Height, $hBmp, $hDC, $hBack, $hFront, $hFont, $hBitmap, $hObj
$hForm = GUICreate('MyGUI', 600, 400, -1, -1, $WS_POPUP)
$Pic = GUICtrlCreatePic('', 20, 20, 460, 80)
$hPic = GUICtrlGetHandle($Pic)
;~ GUISetStyle($WS_POPUP, -1, $hForm)
$tRECT = _WinAPI_GetClientRect($hPic)
$Width = DllStructGetData($tRECT, 3) - DllStructGetData($tRECT, 1)
$Height = DllStructGetData($tRECT, 4) - DllStructGetData($tRECT, 2)
$hDC = _WinAPI_GetDC($hPic)
$hBack = _WinAPI_CreateCompatibleDC($hDC)
$hBitmap = _WinAPI_CreateCompatibleBitmap($hDC, $Width, $Height)
_WinAPI_SelectObject($hBack, $hBitmap)
$hFront = _WinAPI_CreateCompatibleDC($hDC)
$hBmp = _WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap($hPic, _WinAPI_GetSysColor($COLOR_3DFACE), $Width, $Height)
_WinAPI_SelectObject($hFront, $hFont)
_WinAPI_SelectObject($hFront, $hBmp)
_WinAPI_DrawShadowText($hFront, 'Xenobiologist', 0x00FF00, 0x808080, 3, 3, $tRECT, BitOR($DT_CENTER, $DT_SINGLELINE, $DT_VCENTER))
_WinAPI_BitBlt($hBack, 0, 0, $Width, $Height, $hFront, 0, 0, $MERGECOPY)
_WinAPI_ReleaseDC($hPic, $hDC)
_SendMessage($hPic, $STM_SETIMAGE, 0, $hBitmap)
$hObj = _SendMessage($hPic, $STM_GETIMAGE)
If $hObj <> $hBitmap Then
_WInApi_SetLayeredWindowAttributes($hForm, 0xABCDEF, 255)
Until GUIGetMsg() = -3
; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name...........: _WinAPI_DrawShadowText
; Description....: Draws formatted text in the specified rectangle with a drop shadow.
; Syntax.........: _WinAPI_DrawShadowText ( $hDC, $sText, $rgbText, $rgbShadow [, $iXOffset [, $iYOffset [, $tRECT [, $iFlags]]]] )
; Parameters.....: $hDC    - Handle to a device context.
;                 $sText     - The string that contains the text to be drawn.
;                 $rgbText   - The color of the text, in RGB.
;                 $rgbShadow - The color of the shadow, in RGB.
;                 $iXOffset  - The x-coordinate of where the text should begin.
;                 $iYOffset  - The y-coordinate of where the text should begin.
;                 $tRECT     - $tagRECT structure that contains, in logical coordinates, the rectangle in which the text is to
;                              be drawn. If this parameter is 0, the size will be equal size of the device context ($hDC).
;                 $iFlags    - The flags that specifies how the text is to be drawn. This parameter can be a combination of
;                              the formatting text constants ($DT_...).
; Return values..: Success    - 1.
;                 Failure    - 0 and sets the @error flag to non-zero.
; Author.........: Rover
; Modified.......: Yashied
; Remarks........: None
; Related........:
; Link...........: @@MsdnLink@@ DrawShadowText
; Example........: Yes
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func _WinAPI_DrawShadowText($hDC, $sText, $rgbText, $rgbShadow, $iXOffset = 0, $iYOffset = 0, $tRECT = 0, $iFlags = 0)
Local $Ret
If Not IsDllStruct($tRECT) Then
  $tRECT = DllStructCreate($tagRECT)
  $Ret = DllCall('user32.dll', 'hwnd', 'WindowFromDC', 'hwnd', $hDC)
  $Ret = DllCall('user32.dll', 'int', 'GetClientRect', 'hwnd', $Ret[0], 'ptr', DllStructGetPtr($tRECT))
  If (@error) Or ($Ret[0] = 0) Then
   Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
$Ret = DllCall('comctl32.dll', 'int', 'DrawShadowText', 'hwnd', $hDC, 'wstr', $sText, 'uint', -1, 'ptr', DllStructGetPtr($tRECT), 'dword', $iFlags, 'int', _WinAPI_SwitchColor($rgbText), 'int', _WinAPI_SwitchColor($rgbShadow), 'int', $iXOffset, 'int', $iYOffset)
If (@error) Or ($Ret[0] = 0) Then
  Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
Return 1
EndFunc   ;==>_WinAPI_DrawShadowText
; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name...........: _WinAPI_SwitchColor
; Description....: Converts a color from BGR to RGB and back.
; Syntax.........: _WinAPI_SwitchColor ( $iColor )
; Parameters.....: $iColor - The color to conversion.
; Return values..: Converted color (RGB or BGR - depends on the $iColor value, BGR > RGB > BGR etc).
; Author.........: Yashied
; Modified.......:
; Remarks........: None
; Related........:
; Link...........: None
; Example........: No
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func _WinAPI_SwitchColor($iColor)
Return BitOR(BitAND($iColor, 0x00FF00), BitShift(BitAND($iColor, 0x0000FF), -16), BitShift(BitAND($iColor, 0xFF0000), 16))
EndFunc   ;==>_WinAPI_SwitchColor

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Thank you.

Unfortunately this is one of several similar approaches I have experimented with and, like you, I do get a shadow. However, the one of the issues I am having is with the following line:


This is a "skinning" application and the only font size information I have is what the font is to be , eg., "Arial size 16" like the GUISetFont shows, but the illustrated line requires a font height and I can't find a way to get from one to the other other than a WAG.

I also encountered another issue with the text color in the "_WinAPI_DrawShadowText" call. If I specify total black 0x00000000, I get no shadow. However, if I specify 0x00000001, I get "black" and the requested shadow.

But I can live with that by simply changing any black text color request to 0x00000001.

However, the font size is a problem.

Again thanks.



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