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[Solved]regular expressions SciTE4AutoIt

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I find myself needing to append a load of lines of code with some error checking.

I'm not that familiar with anything except simple replace words or lines. I need to ad a few new lines (my error checking) to some funcs.

For example one line is

_FileCreate(@ScriptDir & "\WIP\tmp001.txt")

and another is

_FileCreate(@ScriptDir & "\Complete\tmp002.txt")

You get the idea, its the same func, different paths

I've found that I can use "Transform backslash expressions" to replace a line with the same line and add extra lines making use of "\n"

But I'm (to put it lightly) struggling with a regular expression to match all my function calls (Above)

I'm humbly on the bum for a solution / handout <tramp smiley>


No matter, I fumbled around it

(as usual with regex)

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