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Help about TwitterVB

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Hey guys! I just want to ask help about TwitterVB . It's a DLL file added as a reference in a Visual Basic application. I'm using it to create a Twitter Application in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition. I'm almost finished with my goal. The application has a GET CODE button wherein when you clicked it, it will redirect the user to the default web browser and the user will click the Authorize App Button in the site and when you do that a PIN will be shown and you will copy the PIN and you put the PIN in the VB application and when you click enter, the information about your Twitter account will be shown in the application. I am already finished with all of that. My problem is that... is there a way wherein the application dont need to open a default browser. Rather, it will just open a webbrowser in the application itself. Something like a mini broswer. And is there a way wherein the application will be the only one to read the PIN. It will like automatically read the PIN. The user dont need to view the PIN. It's like when the user click the Authorize App Button, it will automatically authorize the application to view necessary info about the user's account.

Private Sub GetCode_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles GetCode.Click


Dim url As String = twitter.GetAuthorizationLink(consumerkey, consumerkeysecret)


Catch ex As Exception

End Try

End Sub

I think I need to edit the Process.Start(url) since that line is for opening the default browser.

What should I do to disable opening the default browser but rather open a mini browser in the application itself.

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