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The section below is suppose to go to a website and grab/visit url links. But I don't get what format the links should be in, the original coder made it 2-3 years ago and said he forgot so he couldn't give me any support...

Its just a blank page by the way, hope someone could help me in figuring this out :graduated:

#Region Link functions
Func _IELinkClickByText(ByRef $O_OBJECT, $S_LINKTEXT, $I_INDEX = 0, $F_WAIT = 1)
    If Not IsObj($O_OBJECT) Then
        __IEERRORNOTIFY("Error", "_IELinkClickByText", "$_IEStatus_InvalidDataType")
        Return 0
    Local $FOUND = 0, $LINK, $LINKTEXT, $LINKS = $O_OBJECT.document.links
    $I_INDEX = Number($I_INDEX)
    For $LINK In $LINKS
        $LINKTEXT = $LINK.outerText & ""
        If $LINKTEXT = $S_LINKTEXT Then
            If ($FOUND = $I_INDEX) Then
                If $F_WAIT Then
                    Return -1
                Return -1
            $FOUND = $FOUND + 1
    __IEERRORNOTIFY("Warning", "_IELinkClickByText", "$_IEStatus_NoMatch")
    Return 0

Thank you

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That is a function which is part of the standard IE.au3 UDFs that come along with Autoit3 installation.

IE functions are still very much supported here by Dale Hohm, the author of the above function.

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