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How to click vertical TAB's in desktop application ?

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Hi Members,

In my desktop application, there are three vertical TAB. I want to click on vertical tab. I used TAB's ID, Instance, Class, ClassNN but I didn't get success. These vertical tab work regularly with the X and Y coordinates. I don't want to use coordinates because when I will run in different machine then this machine resolution is not same as my machine.

Please help me on this topic to click vertical tabs.

Thanks in advance:

Prashant Chauhan

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When it is a real tab control you can use _GUICtrlTab_SetCurSel.

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Or do you something like this?

ControlSend($titel, '', 'SysTabControl321', '^+{TAB}')

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I used TAB's ID, Instance, Class, ClassNN but I didn't get success.

Did you try using the ControlCommand() function?

edit: I've added a piece of code that I use. The program I automate/use with this script has 6 tabs, and this code selects the first tab if its not already the active one.

; Change to first Tab if it's not already selected
$TabItem = ControlCommand("Forum Spam List Checker", "", "SysTabControl321", "CurrentTab")
If $TabItem <> 1 Then
    For $a = 1 To $TabItem - 1
        ControlCommand("Forum Spam List Checker", "", "SysTabControl321", "TabLeft")
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