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How to set it to run for this program only?


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I am new to AutoIt but I was wondering how could I set it up to run like... for this process only.. so I can do something else.. Kind of like a dll injection to that certain program.. or maybe like... running it in the background so what ever it is doing is not affecting my screen

Programs > I was referring to process

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Func _CreateProcess($sAppName, $sCommand, $pSecurity, $pThread, $fInherit, $iFlags, $pEnviron, $sDir, $pStartupInfo, $pProcess)
  Local $pAppName, $tAppName, $pCommand, $tCommand, $pDir, $tDir, $aResult
  if $sAppName <> "" then
    $tAppName = DllStructCreate("char Text[" & Stringlen($sAppName) + 1 & "]")
    $pAppName = DllStructGetPtr($tAppName)
    DllStructSetData($tAppName, "Text", $sAppName)
  if $sCommand <> "" then
    $tCommand = DllStructCreate("char Text[" & Stringlen($sCommand) + 1 & "]")
    $pCommand = DllStructGetPtr($tCommand)
    DllStructSetData($tCommand, "Text", $sCommand)
  if $sDir   <> "" then
    $tDir   = DllStructCreate("char Text[" & Stringlen($sDir   ) + 1 & "]")
    $pDir   = DllStructGetPtr($tDir)
    DllStructSetData($tDir, "Text", $sDir)
  $aResult = DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "int", "CreateProcess", "ptr", $pAppName, "ptr", $pCommand, "ptr", $pSecurity, "ptr", $pThread, _
                     "int", $fInherit, "int", $iFlags, "ptr", $pEnviron, "ptr", $pDir, "ptr", $pStartupInfo, "ptr", $pProcess)
  Return SetError(GetLastErreur(), 0, $aResult[0]<>0)
Func GetLastErreur()
  Local $aResult
  $aResult = DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "int", "GetLastError")
  Return $aResult[0]

from A3LWinAPI.au3.

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