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new to programming , need some help

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and programming in general, I took an introductory class to vb6 but that was years ago, although autoit is different the principles seem to be the same to me, but anyway, I am trying skin crafter demo and got it to work with some code I found here on the forum, but my question is, I know you have to call the dll from a certain place, folder and the skin, but I kinda wanted to show my uncle the program I made, I'd have to send it to him, the problem I'm concerned with is, when I compile the script and move the folder containing the dll and skin to a different place the skin is not applied any more. Is there a way to change the path, or get the path, make it universal so it will work on any computer just by putting the folder on the desktop. I hope you guys understand what I am talking about.

here is some code:


$Dll = DllOpen("C:\Users\Daryl Weatherly\Desktop\revealer\resources\SkinCrafterDll_vs2010.dll")

DllCall($dll, "int:cdecl", "InitLicenKeys", "wstr","SKINCRAFTER","wstr","SKINCRAFTER.COM", "wstr", "support@skincrafter.com","wstr","DEMOSKINCRAFTERLICENCE")

DllCall($Dll, "int:cdecl", "InitDecoration", "int", 1)

DllCall($Dll, "int:cdecl", "LoadSkinFromFile", "wstr", "C:\Users\Daryl Weatherly\Desktop\revealer\resources\Avalon.skf")

DllCall($Dll, "int:cdecl", "ApplySkin")

$result1 = @OSType

$result3 = @OSArch

$result2 = @OSVersion & @OSServicePack

$result4 = @IPAddress1

$result5 = @ComputerName

MsgBox(48, "Your Info", "Computer Name-" & $result5 & @CRLF & "Operating System Type-" & $result1 & @CRLF & "Operating System Version-" & $result2 & @CRLF & "Architecture Type-" & $result3 & @CRLF & "Ip Address-" & $result4)

Also is there a way to just embed it so it will be there without any worries and just work no matter where I put the folder? any help is greatly appreciated, I really want to learn, thanks

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