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Creating a single application

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Hi All,

I have created an application using AutoIt .

As of now it doesn't has any errors and works as desired :graduated:

The problem i have is my application uses another application say "abc.exe" to perform the task. So i need to place "abc.exe" into the script directory.

What i want to know is can i embed "abc.exe" into my application so that i can have a single exe file to run .

And if there is a way then how to do it .


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Thanks Bruce,

This partly does the job .

Two Questions :

1) The file abc.exe is extracted and still shown to the user, is there a way that the file isnt extracted and its code is executed from my application (Sounds stupid!!)

2) If one is not possible then can i extract the file in hidden mode so that abc.exe remains invisible to the user .


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No, if the user, has show hidden files specified you cannot hide it from them.

Okay some smartarse will say yes you can, but generally the answer is no.

And another general thing will be not helping people to hide executable files from potential victims.

There are examples of running those files from memory, but if you dont know if set a hidden attribute then its unlikely you will find the thread, let alone successfully employ it.

Good luck.

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