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I need some help in Obfuscator


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Thanks guys, i know i can count on your help.

I'm developing a program, named GoDLiKe.eXp . you can google it.

What i'm facing now is people are decompiling it, i really want to secure my script. I just searched a lot and i found that Obfuscator is 1 of the best ways to make the script hard to read when decompiled.

But i don't know why when i use Obfuscator my script doesn't work anymore in some cases. I hope some one do me a favor and help me in using Obfuscator with best settings.

Take a lock at my whole script please:

I tried to post the codes here but seems like it's so big for posting in CODE tag.

and if you want to run the script you need the NomadMemory.au3, just download the attached file.


It's really important to me, coz it's what i did in about 3 mounts and now it's get decompiled, i hope i can release the new version of GoDLiKe.eXp more secure to that noob leechers.

Sorry for the weak grammer.

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Just ignore what it is, i don't need any help about the code and what it's going to do, i just asking how to use Obfuscator ? It's all.

That's not really how things work. Your post violates the rules. End of thread.
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