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Well, the default key to set zoom, if I remember correctly (I know for sure in Firefox & Chrome) is Ctrl+0 not, ++. Why is this not a reliable way, so long as you first focus the program on the IE window?


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Thanks Damien. Ctrl+0 does it.

Ctrl++ was no good because it just increments up the zoom level. I needed to get the zoom to a known 100%.

I'm using PixelGetColour to find the top left corner of one of those annoying onscreen keyboards for logon for my work web email client. Screen resolution is always the same so I just need to make sure it's at a known zoom so I can narrow down the pixel searching range to keep it speedy.

The stupid O/S keyboard keeps moving around the screen after every keypress so you have to chase it with your mouse. Logging in feels like a game of chasey.

Thanks for the tip :graduated:

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