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autoit events callback


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hi, can i somehow attach to an event ?

i mean i want to check the state of a control exists for example or position but without running a timer with autoit.getcontrol in it cause its bad programming.

can i do this with autoit and c#?

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its was an example i think you understood my point.

can we have events with autoit and callbacks or not? replace("control added","control.position_changed") or something

is the proper technique to put a timer and then parse to see if something changed?

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It would be difficult in C# as you'd need to import a lot of winapi functions... But it's possible. Would require a good in depth knowledge of the windows api though, as I imagine you'd need to inject code into the process, change the window procedure for the target control to the injected code, then look at inter-process methods of communication... Could be interesting.

Alternatively hooks might be able to do a lot of what you want.

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