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I am making a reaction game.

A light is red and after a random time it gets green and you have to push a key. the fastest one wins.

My question is: I want to let the user pick a desired key. So A SplashText comes up and says: Player1 - please pick a key.

Then u press a key and Player 2 must pick a key.

Any way to solute this?

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Yes, however the only solution I can think of would be hooking userdll32 and getting a keypress from that. Which is more in the advanced end. Although, you could do a whole lot of _IsPressed() although it won't be pretty.

EDIT: s/Basically/Although,/

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;) No way! No keylogger... I just want to keep this game as simple as possible.

My little cousin was in Bremen, Germany in the "Universum"; it is a Museum - but you can interact with the things shown there.

There was a Human section where your reaction was tested with a little buzzer and a red block... if the red block comes into the picture you had to press the buzzer.

He played this for abt 10 minutes until we finally got him off that :)

Now he asked me if i couldnt programm this for him and his friends to show and play it with his friends...

So i decided to keep it as simple as possible...

Sleepy: Hmm seems like this is some sort of gui that has to be used in this UDF

rcmaehl: _IsPressed for so much keys isnt that good ;) as you said its not that pretty...

So then ill have to look how i make this if nobody has another idea :graduated:

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If you're using HotKeySet() then the easiest would be one of those HotKey-input-controls, like the one sleepydvdr linked to. There are others if you don't like that specific one, just search for hotkey (or maybe hotkey*), titles only, in the examples forum.

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