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I have a program that runs as an administrator by default. It's icon has that little administrator indicator even though "Run as administrator" is not checked and I do not know how to run it as a regular user.

So now when I try to Send() keys to this program they are not accepted because that program is ran as admin and AutoIt is not.

If I make AutoIt3.exe Run as administrator I get "The requested operation requires elevation" message in the console and the code won't run. So only way for me to test my script is to compile it and run as admin, which is rather time consuming.

What do I need to do to make the "Go" action (aka F5) to execute the code as an admin?

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Hi and Welcome to the forums!

If #RequireAdmin doesn't work for what you're doing, or if it's annoying to answer the constant stream of UAC questions when testing your script, just run SciTE as admin. When an app runs another the child run with the parents user (something like that). You can clearly see this if you kill Explorer and start it again as admin... (don't do that).

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