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Install fonts / change wallpapers

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Hey guys,

I have two questions:


this code installs all font files in C:\MyFonts. But it doesnt install from subfolders in the same dir. Only files in the main dir will be installed.

So how can I make it to install all fonts from all subfolders...?

Func InstallFont($sSourceFile, $sFontDescript="", $sFontsPath="")
    Local Const $HWND_BROADCAST = 0xFFFF
    Local Const $WM_FONTCHANGE = 0x1D
    If $sFontsPath = "" Then $sFontsPath = @WindowsDir & "\fonts"
    Local $sFontName = StringRegExpReplace($sSourceFile, "^.*\\", "")
    If Not FileCopy($sSourceFile, $sFontsPath & "\" & $sFontName, 1) Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
    Local $hSearch = FileFindFirstFile($sSourceFile)
    Local $iFontIsWildcard = StringRegExp($sFontName, "\*|\?")
    Local $aRet, $hGdi32_DllOpen = DllOpen("gdi32.dll")
    If $hSearch = -1 Then Return SetError(2, 0, 0)
    If $hGdi32_DllOpen = -1 Then Return SetError(3, 0, 0)
    While 1
        $sFontName = FileFindNextFile($hSearch)
        If @error Then ExitLoop
        If $iFontIsWildcard Then $sFontDescript = StringRegExpReplace($sFontName, "\.[^\.]*$", "")
        $aRet = DllCall($hGdi32_DllOpen, "Int", "AddFontResource", "str", $sFontsPath & "\" & $sFontName)
        If IsArray($aRet) And $aRet[0] > 0 Then
            RegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts", _
                $sFontDescript, "REG_SZ", $sFontsPath & "\" & $sFontName)
    DllCall("user32.dll", "Int", "SendMessage", "hwnd", $HWND_BROADCAST, "int", $WM_FONTCHANGE, "int", 0, "int", 0)
    Return 1


this code changes the current wallpaper with jpg-files in C:\MyWallpapers. But it uses all JPG files from all subfolders.

How can I make it to use the jpg files from the main directory only and not from subfolders?

Global $aWallpapers, $iRand
$aWallpapers = _GetFilesFolder_Rekursiv ("C:\MyWallpapers", "jpg", 0, 0)
$iRand = Random(1, UBound($aWallpapers) - 1, 1)
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop", "TileWallPaper", "REG_SZ", 0)
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop", "WallpaperStyle", "REG_SZ", -1)
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop", "Wallpaper", "REG_SZ", $aWallpapers[$iRand])
DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "SystemParametersInfo", "int", 20, "int", 0, "str", $aWallpapers[$iRand], "int", BitOR(1, 2))
Func _GetFilesFolder_Rekursiv($sPath, $sExt='*', $iDir=-1, $iRetType=0, $sDelim='0')
    Global $oFSO = ObjCreate('Scripting.FileSystemObject')
    Global $strFiles = ''
    Switch $sDelim
        Case '1'
            $sDelim = @CR
        Case '2'
            $sDelim = @LF
        Case '3'
            $sDelim = ';'
        Case '4'
            $sDelim = '|'
        Case Else
            $sDelim = @CRLF
    If ($iRetType < 0) Or ($iRetType > 1) Then $iRetType = 0
    If $sExt = -1 Then $sExt = '*'
    If ($iDir < -1) Or ($iDir > 1) Then $iDir = -1
    If $iRetType = 0 Then
        Local $aOut
        $aOut = StringSplit(StringTrimRight($strFiles, StringLen($sDelim)), $sDelim, 1)
        If $aOut[1] = '' Then
            ReDim $aOut[1]
            $aOut[0] = 0
        Return $aOut
        Return StringTrimRight($strFiles, StringLen($sDelim))
Func _ShowSubFolders($Folder, $Ext='*', $Dir=-1, $Delim=@CRLF)
    If Not IsDeclared("strFiles") Then Global $strFiles = ''
    If ($Dir = -1) Or ($Dir = 0) Then
        For $file In $Folder.Files
            If $Ext <> '*' Then
                If StringRight($file.Name, StringLen($Ext)) = $Ext Then _
                    $strFiles &= $file.Path & $Delim
                $strFiles &= $file.Path & $Delim
    For $Subfolder In $Folder.SubFolders
        If ($Dir = -1) Or ($Dir = 1) Then $strFiles &= $Subfolder.Path & '\' & $Delim
        _ShowSubFolders($Subfolder, $Ext, $Dir, $Delim)
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Re-read your questions and look at your examples...the answer to each of your questions is in the other question...


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i havent written both codes. i found them on google.

I tried to figure out the trick to use and not to use subfolders, but I'm not a programmer.

both codes seems to be too complicated to me....

could you show me which part is important?

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