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How to record the width/height of a GUI?

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So I am creating a GUI with the following parameters:

$Gui = GuiCreate("Gui", @DesktopWidth - 200, @DesktopHeight - 200)

And I want to then embed IE into it, and I want to make sure it stays the same size it needs to be. But using the @DesktopWidth and @DesktopHeight gives it a variable size, depending on the user. So I don't know how I could get the same effect with the IE.

I attempted doing :

$GUIActiveX = GUICtrlCreateObj($EmbedIE, 10, 40, @DesktopWidth - 400, @DesktopHeight - 400)

Which did the trick, in a sense. But it removed the scroll bars on the embedded IE control. I dunno why that is exactly, but I can't seem to keep it variably changing and keep the scroll bar.

Thanks :D

*** EDIT ***

Nevermind, I re-tried the way I posted and the scroll bar was indeed not visible, but as soon as I tried scrolling it popped up. Anyway to make it not do that?

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