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Need Help How to view image file from mysql using autoit


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i need help from autoit expert . i already upload image to mysql database. the problem how i want view the image file from mysql database using autoit .

This is a example sript i do..

Local $TesterID, $PM_CalibDate, $PM_PMDate, $TimeCheck, $UserName

Local $SQLInstance, $SQLInstance, $TableContents, $NameList, $PM_CalibDate, $SQLCode, $NamePosition

Local $NameDateDue, $NameEmp, $NamePosition, $NameSupervisor, $NameWorkcell, $NameImage, $oIE

Local $UserName = ""

Local $Password = ""

Local $Database = ""

Local $MySQLServerName = ""

; GUICtrlSetState($InputTesterID, $GUI_FOCUS)

$TesterID = GUICtrlRead($Form_Operator_Input1)

;MsgBox(0, "", "" & $TesterID)

; GUICtrlSetData ($Picture_Load, $TesterID)

; $TesterID = "00030597"

$SQLInstance = _MySQLConnect($UserName,$Password,$Database,$MySQLServerName)

$SQLCode = "SELECT * FROM `"&$Database&"`.`operatorid` WHERE `Employee_No` LIKE '"&"%"&$TesterID& "%"&"'"

MsgBox(0, "", "" & $SQLCode)

$TableContents = _Query($SQLInstance,$SQLCode)

With $TableContents

While Not .EOF

$NameEmp &= .Fields (1).value

$NameList &= .Fields (2).value

$NameWorkcell &= .Fields (3).value

$NamePosition &= .Fields (4).value

$NameSupervisor &= .Fields (5).value

$NameDateDue &= .Fields (6).value

$NameImage &= .Fields (9).value

Problem :

How to view image from $NameImage ?????



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