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How to write multiple values in one cell of excel

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Hello All

I have an array which is declared as Local $aArray[5]. And I load some values in the array elements.

Local $aArray[0] = ["Test1+000"] or it may be spaces

Local $aArray[1] = ["Test2+001"] or it may be spaces

Local $aArray[2] = ["Test3+002"]or it may be spaces

Local $aArray[3] = ["Test4+003"]or it may be spaces

At the end i want to write a particular cell Only the array elements which is NOT spaces.

If $aArray[0] <> "" or $aArray[1] <> "" or $aArray[2] <> "" or $aArray[3] <> ""Then

_ExcelWriteArray($oExcel, 10, 5, $aArray)

End If

For example:

Local $aArray[0] = ""

Local $aArray[1] = ["Test2+001"]

Local $aArray[2] = ""

Local $aArray[3] = ["Test4+003"]

The from the above coding i need to get the result as below stored in the cell 10,5 in the excel:

Test2+001 @newline


How can i attain this? When i execute the coding which is mentioned above it says, Subscript has incorrect values or exceeded. Pls help.

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Could you please post your actual code? Also, I don't think you want to use _ExcelWriteArray because that will write the entire array - not an element of the array. Wouldn't you be better of with _ExcelWriteCell where $value == $aArray[0] or whichever element was "true" under your if test? In such case, if you have multiple elements - perhaps best to create a single string as in: $myString = $aArray[1] & @crlf & $aArray[3]. Then you could _ExcelWriteCell that $myString value ... again, haven't tried it but I think it could work ...

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For every cell, build a string to hold the desired elements, then write that string to the cell.

Basic example:

Dim $arr [3] = ["123", "", "234"]
$str = ""
For $i = 0 To UBound($arr)-1
 If $arr[$i] <> "" Then
  $str &= $arr[$i]&@CRLF
MsgBox(0, "string", $str)

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