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I am a beginner of autoit. Many website will use Javascript to replace the submit function without the form.

After i use autoit to submit or click the button and go to the next page.

How can i continuous do the action in the new page?

For example:

$oIE = _IECreate ("http://xxx.com")

$oSelect = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "search")

$oIE2 = _IEAction($oSelect, "click")

after open a new browser and enter the search function

the page will become a new page, what can i do to click another button / hyperlink in the new page?

i use

$oSelect2 = _IEGetObjByID($oIE, "A1")

$oIE2 = _IEAction($oSelect2, "click") and no response.

As i known that enter a new page, the $oIE will be different, how can i get the new web obj to do the next action?

I have search this for few days, can any one tell me if my idea possible or not. If yes, can you tell me how to do or just give me the function name and i search and study by myself.

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