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Hi @ all, i am new to this forum and beginner in scripting. I already created some simple stuff in the past, but forgot the most of it. :)

At the moment i was working on this simple script and would like to ask for a little bit of help.

It is a simple PixelGetColor query with a subsequent action if the color has changed. I tried different modifications but its not working. Would be greatfull if somebody could give a hand , thanks

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "StopBot")
Tooltip ("ESC= Stop", 1140, 540,"Hotkeys")
While 1

sleep(500);check every half a second
if $pix <> $pix2 then
Send( "{q}" )
until $quit=true
func quit()
Func StopBot()
Exit 0
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Welcome, Make sure you read the forum rules before we continue here because the clearly is a Game related bot.

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