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Hotkey only active when putty active

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I have a script that replaces function keys for commands in putty.

But... these keys also work when putty is not active.

I know you can use WinActive() to check if a certain window is active but the putty window always has a different title.

How can i get it to work that my keys only get replaced when a putty session is active?

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Go for the classes.

Something like this

Func _puttyAnmeldung()
Run('"' & @ComSpec & '" /c putty -ssh', '', @SW_HIDE)
WinWaitActive('[CLASS:PuTTYConfigBox]', '', 5)
ControlSend('[CLASS:PuTTYConfigBox]', '', 1008, "+{TAB}" & "Ses" & "{TAB}")
ControlSetText('[CLASS:PuTTYConfigBox]', '', 1044, $sUsername & "@" & $SLoginServer)
ControlClick('[CLASS:PuTTYConfigBox]', '', 1009, 'left', 1)
WinWaitActive('[CLASS:PuTTY]', '', 5)
If ControlSend('[CLASS:PuTTY]', '', '', $sPassword & '{ENTER}') Then _log("Password sent")
EndFunc   ;==>_puttyAnmeldung

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@ LaCastiglione i see what you mean but process is always running. But i want the key-replace to only be effective if putty is active.

@ Xenobiologist I see what you are doing. Taking putty to tyhe foreground and then execute command. But thats not what im searching for but i can understand teh confusion.

What i would like...

If putty is not active send normal F2 else if putty is active send "ls -ltr"


HotKeySet("{F2}", "_F2")
;;;; Body of program would go here ;;;;
While 1
    ; My main program

Func _F2()
If WinActive("PuTTY") Then
  Send("ls -ltr{ENTER}")

But the problem is that the putty screen is always a different title so i cant determine if the window is active

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GO IT!!! :)

Func _yes() ; Afvangen sh F2 en yes sturen

$state = WinGetState("[CLASS:PuTTY]", "")

If BitAnd($state, 8) Then

Send("ls -ltr{ENTER}")


EndFunc ; ==> _yes()

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