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help with parameters in dll call

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Hi there dll call experts,

I need to retrieve data from a server. There is a (local) C++ dll that gives access to that data, but so far I've been unable to get my autoit script to connect.

Here is the API info:

Harm_connect parameters:

Param name Direction C type Comment

hostname IN char*

username IN char*

password IN char*

Application_Name IN char*

application_key IN char*

protocol IN char* fill if requesting an encrypted connection (oops, not int32, I pasted the wrong thing here)

port IN int32 for use with SSL encryption

protocol_version IN int32

timeout_secs IN int32

max_tries IN in32 max tries to reconnect, no max if <0

autoreconnect IN boolean

server_handle OUT Serverhandle** allocated by API

nbticket IN/OUT NBTicket* allocated by API or passed in with past value, to be used to then open a session and get the data I'm after

My code:

Dim $HARMRETOK = 0 ; return value when server is ready
Dim $HARMRETBUSY = -6 ; return value when server is busy
Dim $IPAddress = ""
Dim $ServerHandle = -1
Dim $TicketPtr
Dim $bHandleValid = False
Dim $MaxWaitMillisec = 10000
Dim $WaitTime
Dim $HarmRet = -1
Dim $structIP = ByteStructFromString ( $IPAddress )
Dim $structUser = ByteStructFromString ( "Jules" )
Dim $structPwd = ByteStructFromString ( "JulesPwd" )
Dim $structProtocol = ByteStructFromString ( "trpc" )
Dim $structEmpty = ByteStructFromString ( "" )
; create a structure to hold the server handle
$structServerHandle = DllStructCreate ( "int" )
Dim $HarmNBTicket
DllCall ( "C:MPCommonharm.dll", "none", "harm_connect", _
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr ( $structIP ), _ ; hostname
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr ( $structUser ), _ ; username
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr ( $structPwd ), _ ; password
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr ( $structEmpty ), _ ; application name
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr ( $structEmpty ), _ ; application key
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr ( $structProtocol ), _ ; protocol
  "Int", -1, _   ; port
  "int", -1, _   ; protocol version
  "int", -1, _   ; timeout seconds
  "int", -1, _   ; max tries for connection, <0 for no max
  "int", 1, _   ; auto reconnect, non-zero for auto reconnecting
  "HANDLE", $structServerHandle, _
  "ptr", $HarmNBTicket _

Func ByteStructFromString ( $TheString )
Dim $struct = DllStructCreate ( "byte[" & StringLen ( $TheString ) & "]" )
DllStructSetData ( $struct, 1, StringToBinary ( $TheString ) )
Return $struct

When I look at $structServerHandle or HarmNBTicket after the call, it's empty, even if I add a delay before I check the result to give the dll enough time to generate the return data.

Given the API information, are my DllCall casts correct? I have tried a bunch of possibilities, but without success so far.


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oops, my mistake, I put the wrong info, protocol is a char*, not an int32. That's why I turn the protocol name string into a byte array, put it into a single member structure, and use the pointer to that structure in the api call

Thanks for looking into this and noticing the discrepancy!

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