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Separating numeric from everything else

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Searched google and this forum, couldn't find an answer.

Note; autoit is the only scripting I've ever done in my life, if it sounds like I know nothing about this, it's quite simple, I don't.

I have written a simple little script to change the volume when given a percentage (0-100).

It works great, no problems.

It uses inputbox to ask for a percent that is inputed and it changes the volume to that.

No problems.

However, I want to specify that the value entered cannot be anything but numeric, ei, I have written it so that if you input anything greater than 100 or less than 0 a msgbox will pop up (saying "you dun' goofed" - approx.) and nothing will happen, script exits. Beautiful.

So how do I write it to say that if $box (my var) is not a number, then I can make another msgbox pop up and say something along the lines of "use numbers ya idiot"

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance.

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Alright, I got it with StringIsDigit() after struggling with IsNumber(), and googling IsNumber(), which led me to StringIsDigit()


but thanks for the help.

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