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Display completely messed up

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Hi there,

when I leave my AutoIt scripts running for some time (hours, max. days) the desktop becomes completely messed up.

You see stuff remaining from windows that are no longer there, sometimes the start menu doesn't display when you click on it although it is there because when you hover over the items you see them getting selected etc.

Can someone explain why this happens (seems due to heavy AutoIt usage) and how to remedy?

See the screenshot:

Most of the windows in the background are no longer there as you can tell from the taskbar.

Note the Recycle Bin in the upper left corner sticking through.

Note the remains of some old command box content in the upper left corner.

What could be going wrong in my scripts that messes up the UI?




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First, explain how you are certain this is anything to do with autoit.

Then have a look at how much memory/cpu your scripts are using

and if a lot then you might want to take a closer look at them and

whether they are badly coded, or leaking memory.

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