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xVideo 1.2.2 UDF

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Here is the UDF for xVIDEO.dll 1.2.2


xVideo is a Directshow wrapper that will help it’s users create multimedia aplications.It’s compatible with any language that supports STDCALL calling convention.


-Any media playback(require necessary codec installed)

-Plays multiple videos at once

-Extract audio

-Streaming file from internet

-Plugins Support (Decoders, DSP and others)

-Text Overlay Support

-VMR,VMR9,EVR support,VMR7/9 WindowsLess Mode

-Image overlay support

-Audio Pitch, Tempo, Channel Process

-Color Controls(brightness,hue,saturation,contrast)

-Mixing Videos Support

-DVD playback

-Multiple Video Output

-Support for capture devices

-Convert media files support

-Users audio DSP’s

-Build in audio Equalizer,Reverb,Echo,Compressor,Flanger

-Play media files from Memory/User file system

-Winamp DSP plugin Support(via addon)

-Real time audio level

-waveform draw

Download : http://surodev.com/?page_id=94




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ok, you're right

old thread updated

can an admin delete thist hread

old thread:

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I won't delete it (because of the replies) but I will lock it.

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