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need help with my UDF for xVideo

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I work on the wrapper for xVideo.dll

can someone help me with DllCall?

I try to translate this function from C++ to AutoIt

xVideo_STREAMS str;
int count = xVideo_ChannelStreamsCount(chan);
if(count<=0)  return; // we exit function
for(int i= 0;i<count;i++)
   if(xVideo_ChannelGetStream(chan,i,&str)) then
     ///do something with the stream info found; you may save the index (i) to use it later
     //  str.name; - stream description
    //str.format - stream format(audio/video/subtitle


that's what I have so far

Func _xVideo_ChannelGetStream($chan)
$xVideo_STREAMS = 'uint format;str name;uint index;int enabled;'
Local $aRet[17]
Local $xVideo_ret_struct1 = DllStructCreate($xVideo_STREAMS)
Local $aRet = DllCall($__xVideo_DLL, "BOOL", "xVideo_ChannelGetStream", "dword", $chan, "int", 0, "str*", DllStructGetPtr($xVideo_ret_struct1))
If @error Then Return SetError(@error, 0, 0)
Return $aRet[0]

that is not running

I am stuck



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