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How to transform array and to get indexes of array elements?

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I have three arrays

$F1 = StringSplit(“24|42|03|24|24|03|42”, “|”)

$F2 = StringSplit( “11|10|60” , “|”)

$F3 = StringSplit( “42|24|03” , “|”)

How can I do the following:

1. To transform an array $F1 into array $R2 = “02|01|03|02|02|03|01” – every value here is the index in $F3 of $F1 value

I.e. $F1[1] = 24 – it is the second element in $F3=> $R[1] = 01. …. $F1[6] =03 – it is the third element in $F3 => $R[6] = 03

How to make a new array?

2. To substitute every value in $F1 according to following key 24=11, 42=10, 03=60 (an array will be longer, thats why IF is not comfortable)

The outcome should be $R2 = “10|11|60|10|10|60|11”

Thank you!

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Hello Leanna

see my solutions:


$F1 = StringSplit("24|42|03|24|24|03|42", "|")
$F2 = StringSplit( "11|10|60","|")
$F3 = StringSplit( "42|24|03","|")

Dim $R1[$F1[0] +1]
For $i = 1 To $F1[0]
    For $j = 1 To $F3[0]
        If $F1[$i] = $F3[$j] Then
            $R1[$i] = StringFormat("%02s", $j)


$string = "24|42|03|24|24|03|42|"
StringReplace($string, "24|", "11|")
StringReplace($string, "42|", "10|")
StringReplace($string, "03|", "60|")
$F1 = StringSplit(StringTrimRight($string, 1), "|")

As you can see I solved the second Problem without any Arrays affected.

Regards,Hannes[spoiler]If you can't convince them, confuse them![/spoiler]

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Thank you very much! You helped me a lot!

Works perfect.

Edited by Leanna

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