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[Closed] Detect when skype or msn is flashing

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I have done alot of forum hunting on this matter and have only come up with two positve results

The first is using pixelsearch (which wouldn't work in my case as the taskbar is hidden unless hovered over so the pixelsearch would have nothing to look for)

The second is this code (This code has been edited to work with steam messages)

Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', 2 )

If _Flash('- Chat') <> 0 Then
  WinSetState('- Chat','',@SW_RESTORE)
  WinSetOnTop('- Chat', '', 1)

Func _Flash($WinHandle)
If WinActive($WinHandle) Then Return 0
    DllStructSetData($FlashInfo, 1, 20)
    DllStructSetData($FlashInfo, 2, WinGetHandle($WinHandle))
    $FlashCall=DllCall('user32.dll', 'int', 'FlashWindowEx', 'ptr', DllStructGetPtr($FlashInfo))
    Return $FlashCall[0]

Now i have spent quite a while trying to get my head around this code as it works for steam, but doesn't work for msn or skype. If the return is not zero, it restores the window. Its only zero if the window is active or not flashing but for some reason for msn and skype it returns zero all the time wether its flashing or not.

I was wondering if anyone understands what the DllstrcturSetData or Dllcall call in this matter to help fix the problem

P.S The person that posted this code has not been online sense 2007, ego why i am asking for some help from the commuity :)

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