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Hi guys,

Maybe my question sounds stupid but i'm in a new company and need to set up a new testing environment.

Basically, they use a Jenkins environment for build machine and we would like to start some automated tests when builds are done.

Now, there are web and desktop applications to test.

What do you think, is it possible to use AutoIt for such thing?

Thanx for Your help!!


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hi, Am posting this hoping someone would have already figured this out.. so am running Auto it script on Jenkins slave .. please find below complete configuration.

Maven project which has @Test to execute Autoit scripts. and jenkins slave is where this script is getting executed. my trouble is that maven project is kicking off the .exe but am not able to get hte pass or fail status of the script back to jenkins.. please help 

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If in your script, you output results to an xml file, you can use plugins (publish junit test result report) to grab that file, and report results.

We use JUNIT, here.

If you want just a generic pass/fail, then if your script fails, run this...jenkins will pick this up, and fail the job:

Exit 1
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