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Hi there,

I am new to autoit and programming alltogether, but I have started creating my own autopit scripts and came across a function that I can not find anywhere.

My Script has a queue of reports to print until it is finished.

It picks the first report in the queue, opens various documents etc. and when it is finished it removes the completed report from the queue and begins the whole process again.

So in the end I have a command:

If no reports are in queue tell me it is finished and exit... else:

restart at line X.

All that I am missing is some command that can do this last step.. go to line X.

Is there such a command?

Since my script is 5000 lines long and able to print 20 different kinds of reports or combine video files etc. I would not want to use a loop function but just to add a command that jumps to a certain line.

Any ideas?

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AutoIt does not support a GOTO command. You will have to create a function logic, for example:

  $report = POP_REPORT

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