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Dial-up Networking: Reconnect if Ping larger than Specific Number

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I'm new with autoit and i knew very basic command to make dial-up connection and ping like below

run("rasdial my-dial-up")

Local $var = Ping("", 2000)
If $var > 182 Then; also possible:  If @error = 0 Then ...
    MsgBox(0, "Status", "Online, roundtrip was:" & $var)

    MsgBox(0, "Status", "An error occured with number: " & @error)

my question is how to make loop connection and loop ping? the idea is:

1. establish dial up connection

2. run ping max 5 times to find ping times under 100ms

3. if ping found show message box and exit the script

4. if ping not found disconnect and connect again the connection and repeat point number 2


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1 ) you already have

2 ) create a function and run the function in a loop (E.g. : Do until $times = 5 or $PingUnder100Ms = True

3 ) no problem

4 ) run function _connect again

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