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An Important Question In AutoIt !!!!!

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Hello All

I'm New In Auto It

I Just wanted to ask before i learn it

Can i make hacks for games using autoit ?

Like Crossfire

No Reload

No Recoil

Shoot through wall

etc .. ?

Or i can't ?

and can any one give me Good books to learn auto it and how to make game hacks "if autoit can do it " ?

thanks .

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Im assuming you didnt bother to read the rules

Start here


especially the bits about games etc


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Based on the Title format. (Camel humping, meaningless "Important" overstating, and trailing exclamation marks (suggesting also a fitly keyboard btw.)

and the format of the initial post (attention seeking bold orange, which was not surprise after seeing that title.).

I'm assuming he already new. ... To bad I can't proof it. Other than pointing to his general love affair for mistaken numbered for letters.)

... I do however now a good psychiatrist, Seems highly needed in this case. Although a 2x4 probably work better ...

"Straight_and_Crooked_Thinking" : A "classic guide to ferreting out untruths, half-truths, and other distortions of facts in political and social discussions."
"The Secrets of Quantum Physics" : New and excellent 2 part documentary on Quantum Physics by Jim Al-Khalili. (Dec 2014)

"Believing what you know ain't so" ...

Knock Knock ...

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