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Help with Tidy error:-> Warning: Unable to open au3.api.

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-> Warning: Unable to open au3.api. Skipping ProperCase function for KeyWords/Function/Macros

Happens whenever Tidy is called...

(Would try the search tool, but it "helpfully" changes search strings to ensure no matches to au3.api.....)

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I have seen this pop up here before, but unfortunately cannot find the thread.

I think it had something to do with where autoit is installed on a 64 bit OS.

I'd go for a wipe and re-install (assuming this has not just happened out of the blue)

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i had also observed the same issue on win7 x64.

this was after installing AutoIt + SciTE4AutoIt3 6/10/2012 (3.2.0).

after i did the following (just once!) the symptom disappeared and never came back again:
 - start scite.exe with "run as administrator" to elevate the process
 - compile some script so tidy will be used once
 - exit scite

so i assume it is related to UAC process elevation:

tidy.exe tries to write some parameters to a location that is only allowed for elevated processes.
once it has written this initial parameter everything runs fine.

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