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Text string search for updating file

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I have a server that is constantly updating a log file and I wanted to be notified when the server was having these specific errors. The log file would be updated with an error message for example " 06:51:55: Error 201 ". The first part is the time stamp and the second is the error obviously. My first question is, can Autoit read text files that are constantly being updated or in use like a log file? So I need to search the last line of this log file and then show a general message box pop up to notify me that an error has occurred. Another problem is that the error can happen twice in a row so I will get the same message but with a different time stamp and I dont know anything about coding the RegExp to check if the same message has occurred but with a different time stamp.

So I need to search a text file

Wait for an " XX:XX:XX: Error 201 "

Message Box pop up

Wait for a different " YY:YY:YY: Error 201 "

Message Box pop up

Can anyone give me some help on how to start doing this? This is just an example to start me off coding this, I may need to check for a 2nd type of error and use Cases for which message box to display later on.

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Are the basic functions you need.

$LastLine = FileReadLine("filepath.log", -1) ;Read the last line
$LastTime = StringLeft("$LastLine",8) ; Read first 8 chars of last line
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