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Skype single User history delete


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I had received lots of requests to create a program capable to erase single users chat records from skype

This result cannot be achieved by operating with the SKYPE4COM object library. The remove function even if coded is not available to external calls

For this reason I decided to start operating directly on the database "main.db" and browsing it through SQLlite calls

Weather apparently trivial the database looked more complex to manage than expected

The program is fully functional and I am including the full code. It can be integrated by creating a window where only specific chats are removed and not the full block as I decided to do

I hope this program will help lots of user that othwerwise are all obliged to go for expensive solutions that most of the time work only in conjunction with administrator rights. My code does not require any special access and does not installs any regedit call, it is therefore perfectly pocket-portable and will guarantee your privacy in any situation


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