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Difference Between Using ODBC Connector And DLL Method For MySQL?

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Great question. Took me a while to understand.

DLL connections means that you control that connection. The DLL is deployed with the application and you can run everything through that connection. As DLLs vary, you will need a different one for each type of connection. And with changing DLLs you face the risk of changing your code, too.

ADO presents a uniform communication method that is largely controlled directly by Windows. See the ODBC items. You will need a suitable driver for your data source. But with ADO, the design is that even when you change the data source and data driver, you will not have to change your code.

So for example, using ADO, I can use the same script, same SQL and just change the "ADO.Connection" to switch between SQLite and PostGres.

I hope that helps. 



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