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i just started a script which should do the following :

1.) inputbox , where u write one of three things ( 1,2,3 )

2.) A If function changes the value of a variable

If $inputbox = "1" then

$Answer = 1

elseif $inputbox = "2" then

$Answer = 2

elseif $inputbox = "3" then

$Answer = 3

3.) Calculate 1 + $Answer and make a massagebox !

Thanks for your Help and Time

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Here is a small example:

$value = InputBox("...", "...")
If Not StringIsInt($value) Then Exit MsgBox(0, "", "No integer given")
MsgBox(0, "", 1 + $value)
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How about this?

Local $inputbox, $Answer

$inputbox = "4" ; <<<<<< change this number to test

Case $inputbox = "1"
  $Answer = 1
  MsgBox(64, "Answer", "Answer = " & $Answer)
Case $inputbox = "2"
  $Answer = 2
  MsgBox(64, "Answer", "Answer = " & $Answer)
Case $inputbox = "3"
  $Answer = 3
  MsgBox(64, "Answer", "Answer = " & $Answer)
Case Else
  MsgBox(64, "Answer", "Unknown Parameter")
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