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Au3Recorder undefined function

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Using AutoIt and Scite 2.28 on Windows XP box.

I recorded a macro using Scite Au3Recorder (I scrubbed some of the input with "..." before putting it here)

#region ---Au3Recorder generated code Start (v3.3.7.0)  ---
_WinWaitActivate("...", "")
_WinWaitActivate("...", "")
MouseClick("left", 764, 234, 1)
_WinWaitActivate("...", "")
MouseClick("left", 221, 506, 1)
#endregion ---Au3Recorder generated code Start (v3.3.7.0)  ---

When I compile with obfuscation, getting an error "ERROR: _WinWaitActivate(): undefined function"

I searched the forums and tried the suggestion to remove underscore. But still the compile error shows.

I force compile and run the exe anyway, then get a popup with "Unknown function name".

Any suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance.

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