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Conduct everything in background?

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Hi there. im new to autoit and i need some help. I have the following script.


$url = "www.mywebsite.com"

Run(@Comspec & " /c start " & $url)



Send("{PGDN 10}")

MouseClick("left", 1023, 131)

MouseClick("left", 897, 530)

SplashTextOn("Loading", "Please wait. Loading...", 1366, 768, 0, 0, 32, "", 20)



MouseClick("right", 650, 83)




As you can see, i have tried to use a splashtexton command to display a loading message while my website fully loads.

is there any way i can conceal the earlier commands (in red text) behind the splash screen in the inactive window?

(so i would place a splashtexton command where it says FIRSTLINE.)

i've tried to use controlclick but i cant get my head around controlid and class parameters.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,

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