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I have a question about how HotKeySet really works. My understanding is that it is quote un-quote interrupt driven in that no matter where the program is when the hotkey is pressed it stops what it is doing and goes to the hotkey function. Is that correct?

If that is correct then what happens if some yahoo just sits there and holds down the hotkey? That would mean then even if the program was in the middle of the first hotkey press it would stop what it was doing and re-enter the hot key function yet again wouldn't it?

So if this yahoo holds down the hotkey you could wind up in a more or less a recussion state where the program is 1,000 deep in to this hotkey function. Thanks can't be good for the stack or anything else. How do you get around this problem? (besides shooting the yahoo)

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Thanks JohnOne. I am having a little trouble interpreting "I believe it runs after it exits the function running". Can you add a little more too that? What runs?

I understand the "You could unset the hotkey upon entering the function and re-set it before it;s return". Is that pretty much shandard operating procedure on the hotkeyset function? The standard way of doing things?

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I think I was wrong, anyway about that.

I was thinking it ran after returning from whatever function was running when you hit the hotkey.

I think the unsetting of a hotkey is only standard, when you might be sending the same hotkey withing the function the hotkey fires.

Sorry for the confusion.

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