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Problem with MouseMove function

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Hi there!

I'm very happy to write my first post on the forums. I have been around for a while, but didn't really need to ask for help untill now as most questions are already answered.

This time however, I was not able to find a solution to my issue on the boards nor on google.

I think it's rather simple but I can't manage it.

Im working in a 3D environment (Maya for those who know what that is.), and want to automate a presentation for my students.

The script-fragment looks like this:

MouseMove ( 900, 550, 0 )
MouseMove ( 1000, 550, 10 )

When my camera is tilted to "point of view"-straight forward and I use this script, it moves to the right pixel in X-axis. The problem is that the camera gets rotated downwards about 20px's or something. When I do this by hand its moving fine. Also when I try to use it in paint it does the right move from 900, X to 1000, X with no rotation/tilting downwards.

Does anyone have any experience with such stuff? I personally believe it might have something to do with the cameras default tilt, but I can't move it as it's current tilt/position has to stay the way it is at the moment.

All feedback is deeply appreciated. ;)

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