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PLEASE help me with this ImageSearchArea function

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i have been trying to get this to work for 2 days now ;)

It will execute and run, but it will not find the images that i am calling it for. All it does is go to the very top left corner (0, 0) of the window and repeat the function

all of the images are in the folder under "directory", the shading of them is possibly a little dull which i can easily change, but they are there and are cropped with a 0x000000 background.

this is the script i am using

Opt('MouseCoordMode', 0)
Opt('PixelCoordMode', 0)
HotKeySet('{END}', 'Quit')
HotKeySet('{SPACE}', 'Pause')
#include <ImageSearch.au3>
Global $Paused
Global $Picked = False
Global $DebugOn = True
;ImageSearch Looting Variables
$ImgLoot = True ; set this to true if you want to use ImageSearch looting system. False will revert to old PixelSearch method
$directory = "C:UsersTimDocumentsDiablo IIIimg" ; CHANGE THIS! Point it to the directory with the imagesearch pngs
$totalItems = 16 ; This needs to match the number of pngs you are loading
Global $pick[$totalItems], $size = WinGetClientSize("Diablo III"), $default_resolutionX = 800, $default_resolutionY = 600, $go = True, $Leave = False, $Dead = False, $Logout = False, $Window = False, $i = 0, $currentArrayItem = 0, $gX = 0, $gY = 0
If $size[1] <> 800 Then $size[1]-=30 ;adjusts ratio for titlebar if not default resolution. Comment if you are NOT running windowed but also not 1080 height
$pick[0] = "FlawlessSquare.png|110"
$pick[1] = "legendaryA.png|20"
$pick[2] = "legendaryE.png|20"
$pick[3] = "legendaryI.png|10"
$pick[4] = "legendaryO.png|20"
$pick[5] = "legendaryU.png|20"
$pick[6] = "setA.png|30"
$pick[7] = "setE.png|30"
$pick[8] = "setU.png|30"
$pick[9] = "setO.png|30"
$pick[10] = "setI.png|30"
$pick[11] = "rareA.png|20" ; comment/delete these and adjust $totalItems to disable rare looting
$pick[12] = "rareE.png|20"
$pick[13] = "rareI.png|20"
$pick[14] = "rareO.png|20"
$pick[15] = "rareU.png|20" ; end comment
While 1
Func pickItems()
$currentArrayItem = 0
For $gI = 0 to ($totalItems - 1)
   $array = StringSplit($pick[$gI],"|")
   $file = $array[1]
   $accuracy = $array[2]
   $urlString = $directory & $file
   $target = _ImageSearchArea($urlString,0,160,130,700,500,$gX,$gY,$accuracy)
      While $i <= 12 ; max: 13 gems and pieces of gear to loot
   DEBUG("not working")
          If Not @error Then
                 ;MsgBox(4096,"Debug",$urlString & " " & $gX & "-" & $gY)
                 MouseClick("left", $gX, $gY, 1, 0)
                 MouseMove(14,14,0) ;Reset cursor position, it doesn't need to hover
                 $target = _ImageSearchArea($urlString,0,160,130,700,500,$gX,$gY,$accuracy)
     $i+= 1
             DEBUG("Fuck You")
Func Pause()
   $Paused = Not $Paused
   While $Paused
      ToolTip('Paused...', 0, 0)
EndFunc   ;==>Pause
   If $DebugOn Then
      ToolTip($MESSAGE, 0, 0)
EndFunc   ;==>Debug Info
Func Quit()
EndFunc   ;==>Quit

thank you SO much for any help. i am about to pull my hair out with this

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