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Are there any known issues with Beep()?

All I could find in search was some people saying it never worked in vista or 7 etx...

I've never had a problem with it, and use it a lot in debugging (win7 32).

I had cause today to use it more than usual, here's what happened.

I used Beep() every 500ms. It ran happily for over an hour, but when I restarted

the script, Beep() failed to... well beep.

Nothing but a computer restart would get it to work again.

I recreated the issue twice after that, each time my script running

for over an hour, so on three consecutive occasions Beep()

failed to perform after a script restart, and required a PC reboot.

Anyone else encountered this?


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I have never had any issues with beep, but then again I don't have all the latest software on my machine. Do you know the following thread by trancexx? It may be better than just using the original beep. It might be worth a look. Whether it fixes the issue or not, I don't know.

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