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What i am trying to do is read the value of an input box and then find that value in a text file, so i can copy the text that follows the space after the beginning of that line. Each entry in the text file starts with a 4 digit number followed by a space and then the rest of the text i am looking to copy. So basically someone would enter a value in the input box and then hit a button that would find the appropriate text and copy whatever info if after the space. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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If each entry is on a separate line, the basic way would be to...

Open the file ( FileOpen() )

Iterate through the lines of the file ( FileReadLine() )

Check The first 4 chars of each line ( StringLeft() )

Return the rest of the line if found ( StringTrimLeft() )

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Unfortunately I'm at college at the moment so I can't really help you with the code right now however In the help file I would suggest starting by reading up on fileopen, filereadline, stringinstr and while loops.

Edit: Beat Me To It Woops (Didn't think about stringtrim silly me) :D

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Thank you both for the prompt response. I ll work on writing some code and posting it. So far i was using StringMid and I was able to open a file for reading and trim the first 6 characters i needed to eliminate and then copy the other 45 to the clipboard with Clipput. I am not sure though how i would go about matching it and then telling it that that's the line i want it to work with. Thanks again.

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