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Hey guys, I'm touching back with AutoIt after Multiple years; I have since learned Java, and seem to be doing okay-- until I wanted to optimize my code.


$item[5]=IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\test.ini","Variables","brace",1)
if $item[5]=1 Then MouseClick("secondary",  1720+Random(-15,15,1), 800+Random(-15,15,1))

Not working


Func clickIt($n,$ix, $iy,$item, $alt)
sleep(random(0, 200, 0));
;IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\test.ini","Variables",$item,0)
if $alt=1 then send("{altdown}");switch true/false for secondary ring under first on far right
if $item[$n]=1 Then MouseClick("secondary",  $ix+Random(-15,15,1), $iy+Random(-15,15,1))
if $alt=1 then send("{altup}")

It appears to be calling the clickIt function, but all ifs are being read as false; any suggestions for me?

thank you in advance!

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