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[Solved] Logitech Keyboard Buttons / Detecting System Mute

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I have a Logitech Wireless Keyboard MK700, The setpoint software that comes with this keyboard isn't very good "though it does its job, i mainly use autoit for extending the functionality and personality of this device" but i have a problem. It has three buttons, Mute, Vol up and Vol Down. Now for some reason "Mute" on my computer doesn't truly mute the sound, i can still hear like whispers. I can only assume this is down to my speakers having a big-ass amplifier on it *Shrugs*.

During my search of the Autoit forums, i came across a UDF called _W7Sounds.au3 which offers a function to truly mute the system (By remembering the Volume, and then sending it to 0. To unmute it sets the 0 to the original Level).

Now to my question.

I want to bind my logitch "Mute" button to this _W7sounds.au3 but the standard Hotkey{"Volume_Mute"} Doesn't work.

Secondly if it’s the case i can’t bind it for whatever reason, then is there a way to detect when the system has been muted ? "So my code could detect a mute has happened and set to 0".

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You can try something like this.

;~ ConsoleWrite(Send('{VOLUME_MUTE}') & @CRLF)
$re = _isMute(1000)
If @error Then ConsoleWrite(@error & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite($re & @CRLF)
; Function Name: _isMute
; Description:: Check for mute sound
; Parameter(s): ControlID
; Voulme = 1000
; Wave = 2000
; SW-Synthesizer = 3000
; CD-Player = 4000
; Mikrofon = 5000
; Line-In = 6000
; Requirement(s): ---
; Return Value(s): 0 = not muted, 1 = muted, -1 = timeout, -2 = ControlID not found
; Author(s): Thorsten Meger (Xenobiologist)

Func _isMute($opt = 1000)
Local $retVal = 0, $ex = False
If Not WinExists('[CLASS:Volume Control]') Then
Run('sndvol32', '', @SW_HIDE)
$ex = True
If WinWait('[CLASS:Volume Control]', '', 2) = 0 Then Return -1
$retVal = ControlCommand('[CLASS:Volume Control]', '', $opt, 'isChecked')
If @error Then Return -2
If $ex = True Then WinClose('[CLASS:Volume Control]')
Return $retVal
EndFunc ;==>_isMute

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I use code like this to see if that 'red circle with a line thru it' is present over the speaker icon in my tray. If it is, it simply sends 'volume_mute'. If you use this you'll almost certainly need to adjust the screen coords to look in, and maybe even the color, which is pure red here.

; If Main is muted, un-mute it
PixelSearch(1260, 780, 1275, 790, 0xFF0000)
If Not @error Then Send("{VOLUME_MUTE}")
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- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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While playing music i ran your code, it ouputed -1. I then hit the mute on my keybaord and ran the code again but got -1 :huh: **Edit i removed the comments prevending the send Mute and ran the code twice again (even with Vol Mixer showing) but in both instances the output was -1 :)**

@somdcomputerguy :D Aside from the fact pixelsearch is one of the functions i wish to stay away from most in autoit. In my case the taskbar is normally hidden when not beeing used. "As i toyed with the idea of pixelsearch for detecting when a chat program was flashing".

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While looking at the windows speaker application "Volume Mixer".

I noticed for each Speaker icon, it has a tooltip "Mute {Item}" or "Unmute {Item}".

Is there any way for me to capture the text from this tooltip as then i could just have a simple check ?

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