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I would like to be able to choose a specific type or mission from the missions window. So I can choose to look for Underworld Metals or Companion Gifts or what ever I want.

I have tried to modify several scripts with no results. I have attached a picture of what it box looks like.

It is the box in the red square on the right, it come up after you choose a crew skill from the box on the left. I have a script to do that part.

I then want to be able to choose what mission I sent my companion on. In the Yellow square is what I want to be able to look for and if it can not find it in the top section then to scoll down to see if it is in the bottom section. Then if it can't find it there click the drop down up the top right in the green square and then go to another level to find the mission. I kow how to find the screen location for the mouse to move to for the drop down box and send button.

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd20 ... -34-28.jpg

I have spent weeks trying to get something to work but do not understand how it can be done. Please help.

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